Healthy Mind; Yoga

Yoga was always one of those things I was skeptical about. Can I really feel like I’ve done a good, sweaty workout by doing a bunch of poses? The answer is YES.

Now I am no expert at all. At the moment, I would say I’m a yoga dabbler however, I can say I can hold crow pose for 50 seconds now.

Yoga has opened up a door for me and there are three reasons why I love it:

  1. I can do it when I get home after a stressful day in my living room.
  2. It pushes me physically and mentally
  3. It makes me feel good!

At the moment I’m following a simple routine that I am aiming to complete once a day. When I’m feeling energetic, I will do two rounds. When I’m feeling lethargic, I’ll do 1 round.

I’m currently following this little routine:

9 Yoga Poses For a Perky Booty (Video)

I hold each pose for 30 seconds or for 6-7 deep breaths. One thing, I’ve learnt along the way so far, breathing is everything in yoga! Don’t forget to breathe!

I follow my work out with crow pose, which I’m challenging myself everyday to do for longer and longer and a plank.



So all I can say now is, go on, give it a go! Yes you will wobble and fall all over the place to begin with but baby steps… you’ll love it.



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